Online Culinary Courses

Imagine the satisfaction of creating delicious, healthy dishes from scratch that dazzle your loved ones with bold, mouthwatering flavors. With our courses, you’ll embark on an exciting culinary adventure, from sourcing the finest ingredients to mastering the art of plating and serving.

Learn to craft gourmet, show-stopping dishes and stunning desserts that not only nourish the body but also impress at dinner parties and delight your clients. Take the first step towards becoming a confident, creative raw vegan chef. Your journey to culinary excellence starts here.

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Raw Dessert Creators Club

Where Passionate Foodies and Raw Bakers go to Master Raw Desserts

The most educational, implementable, and effective raw dessert training on the internet. Hands down!

Perfect for nutritious-minded food-based business owners, and raw vegan enthusiasts who want to create masterful desserts they are proud of.

Picture a culinary haven where your dreams of creating the most gorgeous-looking and best-tasting raw desserts come to life. Raw Dessert Creators Club isn’t just a club; it’s a transformative experience designed to refine your skills, ignite your creativity, and immerse you in a community that understands the emotional journey behind every creation.

On-Demand Courses


Raw Food Culinary Academy

The ultimate raw food certification program to confidently create stunning, healthy, living, and delicious raw food. Where epic education meets world-class technique and next-level creations.

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Mastering Dehydrated Raw Vegan Cuisine

Join Chef Crystal in a 4-week dehydrating series where you will master your dehydrator with fun recipes in four main categories! Registration is open now, start week 1 as soon as you register.


Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy

Create crowd-raving nut-free raw cakes that look professional and taste delectable. Perfect for both new and intermediate chefs who have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and an eye for gorgeous creations.

What our Students are Saying

Crystal always makes sure that every detail is covered and that the desserts we’re making are not only delicious but also pleasing to the eye and professionally done. Her teachings are easy to follow even though she’s teaching very complex techniques. I now feel more confident than ever with my Raw Dessert chef skills and I know I can master any challenges. I am grateful that Crystal was my teacher and I will certainly continue to learn from her.
Crystal Dawn Culinary Reviews
Marie-Pier Duchesne
Chef and Owner, Duschesne Cuisine
I really enjoyed this entire experience. This course gave me so much inspiration to continue forward and do what I do in the plant-based culinary world. It also inspired me to finally write my own cookbook, which I’ve been wanting to do so for a while now, and have finally begun the process. The resources and tutorials Crystal provides are invaluable. Totally worth the investment.
Crystal Dawn Culinary Review
Jae Camino
Chef and Owner, Plantatude
Crystal's expertise as an international raw food chef, combined with her dedication to sharing comprehensive knowledge on culinary and nutritional aspects of living foods, made the learning journey both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Her easy-to-follow classes not only equipped me with essential skills but also ignited a passion for incorporating healthy alternatives into my lifestyle.
Dehavillyn Mack
Chef and Ownder, Sacred Bod
Taking Crystal’s course was a life-changing experience. It allowed me to discover my passion, pick up new skills, and elevate my business to new heights. With her experience, knowledge, and support, you are set up for success to create beautiful and delicious raw desserts, and to start your own journey as a raw dessert chef.
Review of Crystal Dawn Culinary
Alexandra Urra Stefanits
Raw Dessert Chef and Owner, Plant Cakes
The way Crystal has put together this course makes it very easy to follow and understand clearly. The tutorial videos she has created and the amazing pdfs are so well done and again easy to follow. Crystal has been available every time I have had a question or concern, even if it was something she had gone over in the course. She is a true teacher of her craft, I highly recommend her courses.
Tammy Glaim
Chef and Owner, Happy Cakes
Thank you for helping me develop my skills and giving me the confidence to keep going. Crystal’s teaching methods are clear and concise and she delivers the course in a way that is easy to understand. She was always there and ready to help when I needed her and that made the course even better, to know that any question would be answered straight away.
Aliona Doyle
Chef and Owner, Vegan Infinity
The recipes are developed in a very creative way by combining healthy ingredients, various techniques, and easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through every step of the way. Beside having fun while making all the beautiful plant-based desserts, I’ve also gathered lots of useful information and knowledge that helped me understand the importance of integrating healthy, nutritious raw foods into my lifestyle, and enjoy their health benefits.
Ruzika Krzalic
Chef and Owner, RKake
Crystal's raw dessert course is one of a kind! A perfect avenue to expand your cooking skills and knowledge behind raw desserts. The recipes are super creative and offer learning opportunities for all levels of chefs. The website is user friendly and the videos and content are simple to navigate. Her instructions are super clear and all in all, I love her unique style of recipes. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in learning a variety of raw desserts!
Kaitlyn Kinder
Chef and Owner, Rooted in Raw
I started Crystal’s raw dessert course in 2021 and by far it was the best decision I've ever made. as I always had so much passion for culinary and nutrition. Knowledge is a powerful tool and Crystal is an amazing educator and extremely generous. When you trust in yourself, put love into what you do, and have such a spectacular professional like Crystal guiding you, there is only one result - success!
Debora Florencio Viana
Chef and Owner, Cru Desserts


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Hi, if we haven't met yet...

I’m Chef Crystal. “With knowledge, anything is possible!” These five words inspire and guide me in my journey as a raw food chef, instructor, and cookbook author. My path to becoming a renowned figure in the plant-based culinary industry has been challenging, incredible, and beautiful. 

My career has led me on many exciting adventures, from developing unique plant-based menus for new restaurants to designing and catering health retreats in Canada and Europe. Launching my raw chocolate and dessert business was particularly liberating, allowing me to blend creativity with health-conscious cooking. I firmly believe that learning should be an exciting and never-ending pursuit, and I strive to make this a reality for my students.

With over 11 years of culinary mastery, I specialize in the art of raw cuisine and dessert creation. My extensive experience includes crafting innovative raw food and dessert menus for cafes, developing a diverse array of recipes, and designing comprehensive curricula for raw chef trainings and retreats. In the past five years, I have expanded my expertise into the online teaching space, empowering aspiring chefs and enthusiasts worldwide through interactive and engaging virtual classes. My dedication to culinary excellence and education has established me as a leading authority in the raw food industry, helping families thrive with healthy food alternatives.