Raw Food Foundations Masterclass

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There is nothing more satisfying than making healthy food from scratch that impresses your loved ones with bold, mouthwatering flavours. We take you on a journey from sourcing your ingredients, all the way to plating and serving. You’ll learn how to create gourmet, show-stopping, nutritious dishes and stunning desserts that you’ll feel confident serving at your next dinner party.

Raw Food Culinary Academy

The ultimate raw food certification program to confidently create stunning, healthy, living, and delicious raw food. Where epic education meets world-class technique and next-level creations.


Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy

Create crowd-raving nut-free raw cakes that look professional and taste delectable. Perfect for both new and intermediate chefs who have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and an eye for gorgeous creations.


Raw Desserts Chef Certification

Registration for this program is closed. We are busy supporting the current students and making space for exciting new projects! In the meantime, check out our other courses.


Raw Food Foundations Masterclass

Join chef Crystal in making simple and nutritious dishes for a whole day of “no cooked” food. Ready to explore the world of raw food and discover just how amazing it can taste? Crystal’s recipes are the perfect place to start!


From Fresh to Fabulous: Mastering Dehydrated Raw Vegan Cuisine

Join Chef Crystal in a 4-week dehydrating series where you will master your dehydrator with fun recipes in four main categories! Registration will open soon. Join the waitlist for now. 



meet your instructor

Chef Crystal Bonnet

‘With knowledge, anything is possible!’ No truer words were ever spoken, and these five words inspire and guide me to create. I am a raw food chef, instructor, and cookbook author, but it was not always this way. Believe me when I say that it was a challenging, incredible, and beautiful journey that brought me to a place where I am now teaching others through the Crystal Dawn Culinary custom courses!

My work within the plant-based culinary industry led me on many adventures, including the development of unique plant-based menus for new restaurants. It was thrilling to travel to design and cater multiple health retreats in Canada and Europe, and when I launched my raw chocolate and dessert business, it was so liberating! Learning should be an exciting and a never-ending pursuit.

Through my easy-to-follow and comprehensive classes, let me share the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate healthy food alternatives into your lifestyle. You and your family will thrive, and this will be the greatest reward an educator can imagine.