Create Crowd-Raving Nut-Free Raw Cakes that look Professional and taste delectable

Perfect for both new and intermediate chefs who have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and an eye for gorgeous creations

Create Crowd-Raving Nut-Free Raw Cakes that look Professional and taste delectable

Perfect for both new and intermediate chefs who have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and an eye for gorgeous creations

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If we haven’t bumped into one another in the aisles of Whole Foods, or out in a kayak off the Pacific Coast – then HI there, I’m Crystal!

And I’m here writing to you with the health-conscious raw foodie in mind…

Because there are a few myths floating around in our world that I’d like to expose…

Allow me to jump right into them -

Raw cakes taste remarkable. In fact, I’ve had some of my raw cakes nominated for awards alongside baked cakes. This speaks volumes for any preconceived thoughts that come with raw cakes. You and I both know that this healthy choice makes you feel good after you eat them (as opposed to other guilty pleasures) but knowing it’s possible to feel so good about the flavors *while* you eat them, it is a beautiful combo that opens a whole new door to happy and healthy living.

When you have everything laid out for you, when you’re educated on what you’re working with, and when you have the all-important SUPPORT along the way, it’s impossible to not succeed. It’s no wonder people get discouraged from YouTube videos or underwhelming programs, because un-capped support is what every chef needs. In fact, I’ve had so many beginners come to me after receiving their completion certificate, saying just how shocked they are at what they were able to create, once they had the right steps in front of them.

Let me be frank – creating raw cakes is no more expensive than traditional baking. It’s definitely cheaper than any sugary sweets or junk food that’s out there especially because you can buy in bulk! And for what it’s worth, I always preach to start everything from scratch. So instead of buying oat flour, use oat groats! Instead of buying coconut milk, use dried coconut! Not only are these options much tastier, but they’re SO much cheaper than store-bought… And then there’s the elephant in the room when it comes to the nuts – this ingredient is often the most expensive piece to anything you’re mixing up. So without macadamias, hazelnuts, or pecans on your list… it cuts costs significantly. Win-win!

Nuts are what typically give raw cakes their texture, but it’s a far cry to think that’s the *only* way to do it. (After months of research and development I know I’ve perfected the ultimate nut-free raw recipes & I’ve yet to see any others come close!) To be honest – this is what I love most about raw cakes – they’re so much more rewarding to do because you get to be creative! As an added bonus – this type of cake gets to be enjoyed by so many more people due to the health restrictions that nuts often bring. Plus, when you can nail the all-important texture piece, there’s virtually no difference between nut or nut free. Both are top-notch.

And I usually just smile and carry on when I hear people say these things.
(like the polite Canadian I am)

But after seeing first-hand from my students
That the truth has quite literally changed their lives…

I knew it wasn’t time to keep quiet any longer. 

“Learning raw cakes from Crystal has changed my life and helped tremendously in my business! I started learning from her for my own personal health choices, but my passion quickly turned into a business and it’s in high demand in my neighborhood. I feel so grateful to learn from the best!”


You may have found your way here through a variety of different paths.

All of them valid, all of them welcomed.

Maybe you...

Love raw desserts and you or your loved ones have a nut-allergy

Own a bakery or raw dessert business and want to offer more nut-free options

Have tried other nut-free recipes and are frustrated with the underwhelming results

Are a conscious foodie who wants to learn more raw cake recipes without having to use nuts

Are interested in starting or upleveling your raw cake skills either for personal or monetary goals

Either way you (evenly) slice it -

You’re interested in learning how to make BEAUTIFUL and TASTY nut-free raw cakes.

Hi Chef!

Crystal Bonnet here – wife, pianist, outdoor-enthusiast, internationally recognized raw chef, and the passionate creator behind Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy (more on that in a second).

And I’m honoured that you found your way over.

By simply being here, it tells me you take pride in what you do, what you represent, and what you feed yourself and others.

You see, I’m on a mission to support other chefs in living a healthy lifestyle through raw food, without ever sacrificing its taste or beauty. It’s baked into my soul to help teach, inspire and empower all foodies – so you, too, can live out all your unique (un)baking goals.

Because after one decade in this industry, I’ve helped prove time and time again, that the myths around raw cakes are just that – false beliefs that don’t serve anyone.


And that’s the truth, my friend.

Because there’s nothing better than giving yourself a healthy and tasty alternative, a creative outlet, a new level of confidence each time you step into the kitchen.

That’s what this is all about, anyway.

… Empowering creative and driven people like you to create delicious offerings, master a new skill, and build something they are wildly proud of.

I’ve helped hundreds of chefs uplevel their skills, techniques, and income streams – and am a true believer that….

“Anyone can create gorgeous AND yummy raw, nut-free cakes IF they have the right training and support.”

And if you allow me to show you, I’d be delighted to explain how I plan to help you experience just that.


Here’s what you’ll gain from this unique, fully supportive program...

Master the art of nut-free raw cakes

and WOW friends, family,
colleagues, and customers
with remarkable looking
and tasting creations

Gain a whole new outlook and level of expertise

by learning how ingredient work together, react against one another, and form into flavorful dishes

Welcome new skills and valuable knowledge

that advances your lifestyle, personal, or career goals

Discover new techniques

using easy-to-find nut-free ingredients to uncover different textures of delicious raw cakes

Uplevel your confidence

so you know how to modify recipes and make your own signature creations!

… You’ll arm yourself with every piece of knowledge and skill needed to create amazing and delicious plated art time and time again.

Here’s What’s Inside...

Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy:

Module 01

Course Introduction

what’s included:

Module 02

list master

what’s included:

Module 03

culinary ingredients

what’s included:

Module 04


what’s included:

Module 05

recipe preparation

what’s included:

Module 06


what’s included:

Module 07


what’s included:

Module 08


what’s included:

Module 09


what’s included:

Module 10


what’s included:

Module 11


what’s included:

Module 12


what’s included:

Module 13


what’s included:

Module 14


what’s included:



course mockup for mint chocolate mousse cakes
what’s included:

I had been wanting to join Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy for some time, but I had to just jump in and say YES and I am so happy that I did!

The way Crystal has put together this course makes it very easy to follow and understand clearly. The tutorial videos she has created and the amazing pdfs are so well done and again easy to follow. Crystal has been available every time I have had a question or concern, even if it was something she had gone over in the course. She makes you feel very welcome along the path of learning. She is a true teacher of her craft and puts her whole heart into teaching and guiding her students. I highly recommend this course if you ever want to learn more about raw cakes. I will definitely be signing up for more in the future! Thank you, Crystal!

Tammy Glaim

Here’s Everything You Will Receive Inside...








The recipes were easy to follow and they’ve really expanded the way I think about raw desserts!
Thank you for a wonderful nut-free cake course! I was really getting tired of eating so many cashews… It’s great to switch it up. I love all of these alternative methods. I’m excited to continue experimenting.
Taylor Russell

Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy Is For You If:

You have a passion for healthy living and have a goal to create jaw-dropping, tasty raw cakes.

Your specific goal might come in many forms:

Overall, you’re here because you’re interested in learning how to make timeless nut-free raw cakes. I’m ecstatic to be your guide and help make that happen.

Here’s how Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy is different from any other raw cake course out there

other online raw cake courses

Courses are often heavy on the recipes and the video training, but so many of them lack the WHY behind their directions.

While they teach the surface level visuals of following a recipe, they fail to educate how ingredients interact with each other, how to properly work with ingredients, and the overall knowledge behind why we’re using the specific ingredients the recipe calls for (there’s always a reason behind each ingredient!).

This hinders you from making any intuitive adjustments on your own, it holds you back from stepping away from structured recipes, and it stifles confidence to create anything on your own.

Many courses throw in a component of “support” which in theory means they show up weekly (or likely monthly) to answer batched questions.

This means students receive quick and impersonal responses, with no back-and-forth conversation to expand on their roadblocks.

When you are stuck in the kitchen in real-time, we ALL need more hands-on support than that.

You’d be hard-pressed to find ANY other course that’s not only 100% focused on nut-free raw cakes, but has the high level of standard and thorough testing that was put into their recipes like inside The Academy.

A standard size cake drives the cost up big-time. the cake doesn’t turn out on the first try, it leads to so much wasted material and unnecessary costs… and this is often a staple in many large courses.

Ever taken a course that was hard to follow, unclear of its direction, full of techno blab, and super intimidating? Me too. I never finished them and never got the results I hoped for, either.

Many courses have timelines. 1 month, 10-weeks, 6-months… and then you lose access! To me, that’s the perfect way to ensure people feel rushed, unsupported, and pressured throughout their journey.

Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy

This unique course sets a new standard with its core initial pillar: EDUCATION. This means, you’re not just thrown into the ring to mimic recipes and get overwhelmed with ingredients you aren’t educated on.

Instead, you’ll become a true culinary expert by understanding the theory behind the steps you take. You’ll learn how to balance flavors, how to work with ingredients, and how to create a professional finish on your cakes.

You’ll gain the confidence needed to master creations, and you’ll activate your creativity to make stunning gourmet cakes from scratch that you are incredibly proud of.

The level of support inside a Crystal Bonnet Certificate Course is bar-none. Whether it’s through our private membership community online for you to ask ALL questions, or else the ease of knowing you can always submit a 1:1 personal email to me – my students are always my #1 priority, and that will never change.

I’ve had members blown away by the support they received, mentioning that they often feel like they’re the only (and most important!) student because of the way they are treated inside The Academy.

Cake didn’t turn out? Post a picture, and we’ll troubleshoot together. Filling consistency off? Let’s chat it out. Can’t source an ingredient? We’ll help you find alternatives. Sold your first cake? You bet I’ll be lifting you up!!

This course was meticulously put together to ensure you are 100% supported, 100% of the time.

After realizing that there was virtually nothing else out on the market in the way of DELICIOUS nut-free raw cakes – I challenged myself to create these recipes, because nut-free options have become a necessity for so many! After months in the kitchen testing and tweaking, the recipes inside this course are like nothing I’ve come across online.

You’ll never hear me say to do anything full-sized right off the get-go. Each cake size, and recipe quantity is adjusted for you to create on a small scale first – cutting costs by one-third.

This approach is the best way to learn, adjust, and perfect the recipe in order to keep costs, time, and freezer space down.

And *then* you’ll learn to switch to a standard size cake for either sharing, selling, or enjoying yourself!

Course curriculum by Crystal Bonnet is thoroughly thought out making student experience the top priority. Everything from content delivery, down to the program used to deliver the course.

In my spare time I study curriculum design by top authors and experts in the education field to bring you the most organized courses.

You’ll always receive lifetime access and support. And you’ll never pay more for it, either.

What if you want to spend weeks or months testing your own recipe?

And then what about when life happens, and you have to step away from the kitchen?

I value this process and insist that you’ll never feel pressed for time, and you’ll always have this content to come back to, whenever you need it.

Let me make one thing clear -

In my corner of the internet, you are never a number on a spreadsheet.

I care so deeply about your success, and make it a priority to know you and your goals personally, So I can provide you with the best support and guidance as possible.

The Academy Promise

You’re here because you want to make healthy nut-free raw cakes that taste as good as they look. And I know this course will provide you with exactly that, time and time again.

Regardless if you are new to the kitchen, a hobby chef, or are fully-fledged into the culinary business world – this course was meticulously crafted to help you awe your clients and friends with gorgeous and delicious nut-free raw cakes.

To protect the integrity of our community by leaving no room for virtual dine and dashing, reproduction, or simulation of this course, there will not be a money-back guarantee. I’m investing my entirety into this program, and I aspire to attract the same committed and driven chefs in return…

My promise to you is to go above & beyond to give you an exceptional experience, providing you with the content I have poured my heart & soul into during my journey as a professional plant-based & raw food chef.

I’m 100% confident that this course will get you to where you want to go with your raw cake endeavors, and I’m honored to be your guide and show you what’s possible!

Why This Course is Right for You

A recap of just some of the benefits:


Receive constructive feedback from your instructor on your creative project including access to the exclusive community support group


No stress in completing the program on time, go at your own pace. Gain access to the entire program immediately after registration


Learn the building blocks of nutritious ingredients used in nut-free raw cakes. All ingredients in this course are vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free


Through the course lessons and creative assignment you will gain the confidence to modify and create your own nut-free cake recipes


After you've completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by Crystal Dawn Culinary


Easy to read lists of kitchen tools, ingredients and substitutions for raw cake making

You may be wondering...

You will require a high-speed blender, food processor and food dehydrator. A full list of equipment and tools is included in the academy.
Basic baking tools including springform pans, piping bags, piping tips, cake boards, cake collar and other miscellaneous items. A full list of tools is included in the academy

I provide you with an extensive sourcing list for many regions around the world, with links to wholesale suppliers to save you money on ingredients. A substitution list is also provided in the course. I’m available to help you find a substitution if required.

No, this course is self-paced with lifetime access.
Absolutely! Although there are some advanced techniques, this course is designed for all levels.

Yes, of course! We have lots of students signing up for the program because they just want to learn how to make delicious raw cakes including decorating and styling techniques. These recipes although nut-free do not compromise quality or flavor. You would never even know they are nut-free.

There are five core nut-free raw cake recipes to learn the five core techniques for making nut-free raw cakes. There is also a bonus module with extra recipes for continued learning even after you graduate. I also include flavor modification lessons so you’re able to create other variations. 

Yes, I believe the best way to learn is through video. Included are 45 high-quality tutorial videos. Most videos also include a closed caption option, updated videos just added will have closed captions soon.

Although these cakes have been tested extensively, they have not been tested for commercial or retail sale. Once you learn the techniques for nut-free cake recipes, you will be able to apply them to create your own unique recipes suitable for your business.
Within seconds of registering, you receive access to this course in its entirety. While we do not provide a money-back guarantee, we accept all forms of feedback and work with students on an individual basis when problems arise in the areas of ingredient and equipment sourcing.

Everything was very clearly explained & demonstrated & was super easy to follow even though I didn’t have any raw vegan baking experience.

The end products were absolutely delicious and impressive. My good friend described the Berry Hibiscus Coconut cream cake as something you would get at a high-end fancy restaurant. It is wonderful having some nut free fancy desserts in my repertoire for my friends with food sensitivities.

Rachel Grant

Hi, I'm Chef Crystal,

"With knowledge, anything is possible!"

No truer words were ever spoken, and these five words inspire and guide me to create. I am an International raw food chef, instructor, and cookbook author.

As a graduate of plant-based chef and nutrition programs, I have worked hard to learn the importance of the culinary aspect and nutritional elements of living foods.

My work within the plant-based culinary industry led me on many adventures, including the development of unique plant-based menus for new restaurants, designed and catered multiple health retreats, and even launched my own raw chocolate and dessert business!

Through my easy-to-follow and comprehensive classes, let me share the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate healthy food alternatives into your lifestyle. You and your family will thrive, and this will be the greatest reward an educator can imagine.

Join me in creating raw desserts free from: gluten, refined-sugar, and soy. Not only will you feel better, but your family and friends will love indulging in your creations!

I was blown away by the creativity and revolutionary things Crystal has done in this course.

As a graduate of her raw desserts course, I knew that everything Crystal puts out is very professional, carefully thought through and tested, and delicious, and this nut free course took all my experience and expectations up a notch, and I learned something new with every recipe. I absolutely recommend this course for either someone just making the first raw cake or for professionals, and I promise – Crystal is making sure to light the raw desserts world on fire!


Here’s Everything You Will Receive Inside...









It’s in my blood to show ALL my cards, give you quick feedback, and to fully support you on your raw cake journey.

(The support my members receive has been a unanimous factor from hundreds of Crystal-certified chefs!) Know that you are NEVER alone and that I will always have your back.

Let me help you prove to everyone around you that you are capable of reaching significant raw cake goals. I’ve broken it down and am giving away all my nut-free raw dessert secrets, so you too can become part of the beautiful raw cake movement.

Ready to create?
XO, Crystal