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Welcome to the home of culinary excellence and innovation. My passion for raw cuisine extends beyond the kitchen, with a dedicated focus on educating and empowering others through personalized coaching and immersive learning experiences. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your culinary skills, develop a standout menu, or launch your own raw food business, my tailored consulting services are designed to help you achieve your goals. 

Personalized 1:1 Consultation

$197 USD / hour

Unlock your culinary potential with a tailored, one-on-one consultation with Chef Crystal, a world-renowned raw food chef with over a decade of expertise.

Whether you’re seeking assistance with:

  • recipe development
  • crafting a raw food or raw dessert menu
  • perfecting a specific recipe
  • or embarking on a journey to teach culinary classes,

I am here to guide you. Ask me anything and gain valuable insights to elevate your culinary creations and professional aspirations.

VIP Day: Immersive Culinary Coaching

$997 USD

Experience an exclusive VIP day with unparalleled access to my expertise. You’ll receive my undivided attention for five hours, starting with a strategic call to ensure our collaboration is a perfect match. This comprehensive session includes onboarding and tailored support to address your specific needs. Whether you require:

  • menu consulting
  • recipe creation
  • guidance on launching a raw dessert business
  • or assistance with starting your online culinary venture,

this immersive experience will empower you to achieve your culinary goals.

Miso Beet Crepes

How I Can Help You


Stay ahead of culinary trends with innovative and health-focused raw food and dessert menu ideas.


Receive strategic advice on growing your raw food business, from marketing to operations.


 Understand how to incorporate health and wellness principles into your culinary offerings for maximum impact.


Improve your culinary techniques with personalized coaching and expert tips.


Get expert guidance on planning and executing successful raw food events and workshops.


Develop unique raw food products that stand out in the market.

Book a consultation today and take the first step towards culinary excellence and business success

Meet Chef Crystal

With over 11 years of culinary mastery, I am a world-renowned raw food chef specializing in the art of raw cuisine and dessert creation. My extensive experience includes crafting innovative raw food and dessert menus for cafes, developing an array of unique recipes, and designing comprehensive curricula for raw chef trainings and retreats. Over the past five years, I have expanded my expertise into the online teaching space, empowering aspiring chefs and enthusiasts around the globe through interactive and engaging virtual classes. My dedication to culinary excellence and education has established me as a leading authority in the raw food industry.


Client Reviews

Crystal always makes sure that every detail is covered and that the desserts we’re making are not only delicious but also pleasing to the eye and professionally done. Her teachings are easy to follow even though she’s teaching very complex techniques.
Crystal Dawn Culinary Reviews
Marie-Pier Duchesne
Chef and Owner, Duschesne Cuisine
I really enjoyed this entire experience. It also inspired me to finally write my own cookbook, and have finally begun the process. The resources and tutorials Crystal provides are invaluable.
Crystal Dawn Culinary Review
Jae Camino
Chef and Owner, Plantatude
Crystal's expertise as an international raw food chef, combined with her dedication to sharing comprehensive knowledge on culinary and nutritional aspects of living foods, made the learning journey both challenging and incredibly rewarding.
Dehavillyn Mack
Chef and Ownder, Sacred Bod