A unique invitation for health-savvy chefs, looking to elevate their kitchen confidence and master ALL areas of raw, plant-based food

Crystal Dawn Raw Food Culinary Academy
Where Epic Education Meets World-Class Technique And Next-Level Creations… For The Ultimate Raw Vegan Certification Experience
Hosted by Chef Crystal Dawn and Chef Don Maloney


Even after

We found there was still something missing in the raw food industry.

It needed one FULLY-SUPPORTIVE inspiring place where chefs go to…

Discover never-seen-before recipes that re-write their creative limits, providing themselves the most exciting personal & professional development journey

Challenge new possibilities in plant-based culinary art to make nutrition-heavy and flavor-popping meals that could satisfy even the most skeptical meat-eaters

Learn show-stopping plated dishes and buffet-style dishes that are versatile for endless occasions (such as restaurant meals, side-hustle selling, everyday family dinners, colleague gatherings, luxury client requests, and retreat dishes, among others)

Start and enhance their raw food foundation, and open their mind to understanding flavor balances more profoundly than they could have ever imagined

Create savory dishes free of the most common allergens including gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy, and maximize nutrients to incorporate them into meals for friends and family
Begin thinking like a chef when they know how ingredients talk to one another so they can diversify their combination options
Increase their knowledge to gain healthier and tastier choices, and fall more in love with the raw way of life

Chefs needed a central locale that gave life to ALL of the above all while highlighting and supporting each individual along the way…

So we created it.

It’s now become the industry’s premier certification program. That combines the knowledge and technique of TWO expert chefs to bring you the most unique and up-leveled experience in raw food today…


A message from Chef Crystal…
Bringing two chefs together for this master course is a perk that every student will gain the utmost knowledge and experience from. For each technique, you receive our methodically created recipe AND the added benefit of our different spins on each. (Like our unique poached pears or hibiscus tacos!) I can’t wait to share this creative journey with you.
Get to know your Chef:

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked about my skincare routine…. My answer? It’s my raw food diet. In fact, I traded in my irritable skin, low-energy, and unhappy body (and mind) for the raw food life over a decade ago and have never been healthier or happier.

And the only thing that has been more rewarding than that is having the opportunity to teach YOU how to live your best raw food life, too. Whether it’s for yourself, your family, your business, or a different endeavor altogether, what’s inside this program will turn any interested person into a healthy, inspiring, talented, and diverse raw food creator, guaranteed.

Favorite part of the Academy:

I’m obsessed with the Elevated Brunch module! I’ve always found that good brunch recipes are hard to come by, and this module is definitely the answer. The recipes are so unique (insanely packed flavors!), and we go through some entertaining plating methods that I can’t wait for you to see!

I also love the practical lessons Don and I created to get you thinking like a chef and creating your own recipes! These lessons are invaluable. 

A message from Chef don…

I dove into the raw food world about a decade ago after needing to improve my health. While I initially felt limited by the vegan, soy-free, gluten-free diets, I quickly began to see its potential. I started uncovering ingredients that I didn’t know existed, I started discovering how flavorful, unique, and vibrant it could really be, and I started seeing REAL change in my life because of it.
Get to know your Chef:
This way of life has the ability to let people tap into their own creativity and express themselves through food. And not only is it a more mindful approach to your health and well-being, but with this creative expression, food can also bring people together, express love, spark joy, heal, feed the soul, and so much more… and it’s my honor to play a role in this experience for you!
Favorite part of the Academy:

My favorite part of this program is, hands down, how it’s structured – from the fundamentals up.

We dig deep on things like flavor balancing, culinary techniques, recipe creation, and recipe execution…. Because of this, it allows members to find and express their own creative voice, which they can explore for years to come!


The Ultimate Raw Food Certification Program To Confidently Create Stunning, Healthy, Living, And Delicious Raw Food

Empowering every health-conscious chef with continued support and lifetime access to foundational, in-depth, and advanced raw food knowledge, techniques, skills, and creations.

If you want to learn, improve or excel I suggest you take this fabulous course!

I have owned and operated two restaurants and let me tell you when I met Crystal and have now seen and done her recipes which were not only easy to implement as a new person entering the raw community but OMG sooo tasty!!! If you want to learn, improve or excel I suggest you take this fabulous course!   

Thank you Crystal and Don 

Sylvia Lanzl

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What exactly is The Raw Food Culinary Academy?


First up, it’s an EDUCATIONAL mecca where you will begin to think like a chef

More proficient and well-versed than a university-grade program, we believe the educational component alone is where chefs are made. You’re not just given ingredients and equipment lists like you typically see. Here, you’ll widen your knowledge base and develop an entirely new angle when viewing the kitchen. These sections are intricately laid out, so you gain the big-picture knowledge of how everything comes together in the kitchen before you get started. When you can understand the theory and strategy behind things like the tools you need: why we use them, how we use them, substitutions to using them, along with learning how ingredients are made and stored, how to organize your kitchen, how to expertly read recipes, raw food nutrition, flavor balancing, and the science behind raw foods – it’s the immediate answer to creating radical advancement in your field. This hub alone is unlike anything you’ll read in a mainstream book or classroom because you’ll gain the real working knowledge and the ins and outs from two advanced chefs before you’ve barely even scraped the surface.


It’s a roadmap to accelerate your SKILLS through never-taught before NEW TECHNIQUES

Your creativity limits are doing overtime here because not only have these techniques never been taught like this… but some techniques have never even existed before. With TWO creative chefs as your guide, you’ll discover new inventions to elevate your skillset. Poaching with a sous vide, BBQ shitake sliders through raw bread techniques, artisan vegan cheese dishes with culturing cheese techniques, Cuban enchiladas by way of a smoking method, cracker and wrap techniques… they’re are all just a start. Your newfound skills will also build on one another as you then enter an up-leveled caliber of Food Styling techniques for all your dishes! Prepare to tap into a new inner confidence of capabilities, creative ideas, and immediately implementable approaches.


It’s your secret access to show-stopping creations from over 100 of the most divine recipes imaginable

Each flavorful living food recipe that you unlock covers every type of dish imaginable – brunches, satiating salads, appetizers, soups, crackers and dips, main courses, and plated raw deserts. Not published anywhere elseeach one is a Crystal & Don brainchild – which means it brings a whole new meaning to the term DELICIOUS and STUNNING. Additionally, you won’t just learn how to replicate these beautiful and healthy dishes, you’ll learn how to engage your new knowledge to then weave in your flair and make the dish your own.


It’s a private community for PERSONALIZED LONG-TERM FEEDBACK

With multiple access points for personal discussions, monthly check-in calls, questions, forums, and feedback – you are supported by TWO teachers who forever have your back. Each lesson is equipped with a discussion and questions tab, where you are ALWAYS free to ask questions and get real-time feedback on your work. In fact, we put a high emphasis on making sure we are accessible, so you are always moving forward in your craft. To boot, you are never capped for how long it takes you, as all the content comes with lifetime access. Your private Facebook group also becomes your go-to community for inspiration, guidance, and asking all those, “what would you do when…?” scenarios <- these timely connections alone have proven to be a game-changer for so many!


It’s your fasted and most dependable route to becoming a CERTIFIED RAW CHEF

Here’s the exciting part – once you’ve soaked up and served up everything this course has to offer, you’ll receive a detailed report and an encouraging audit as you graduate to certified status. This certification means many different things for each member – regardless of whether it’s for career status, business accolades, or sheer personal goals, you’ll be doused in recognition for this cornerstone accomplishment.

The Raw Food Culinary Academy is your University-level institution, Individualized mentorship (x2!), elite community, And personal development program all in one.

Here’s What’s Inside...

Your Raw Food Culinary Academy:

Module 00


what’s included:

Module 01

Course Introduction

what’s included:

Module 02

List Master

what’s included:

Module 03

Culinary Ingredients AND Storage

what’s included:

Module 04

Recipe Planning AND Kitchen Organization

what’s included:

Module 05

Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition

what’s included:

Module 06

Raw Food Culinary Foundations Theory

what’s included:

Module 07

Raw Food Culinary Foundations Practical

what’s included:

Module 08

Cultured AND Fermented Foods

what’s included:

Module 09

Saucy Puree’s and Sauces

what’s included:

Module 10

Building the Perfect Satiating Salad

what’s included:

but that's not all...

the program also includes:

Module 11

Crunchy Salad Toppers

what’s included:

Module 12

Elevated Raw Brunch

what’s included:

Module 13

Mindful Starters AND Small Bites

what’s included:

Module 14

Gourmet Raw Soups

what’s included:

Module 15

Better-For-You Breads, Crackers AND Dips

what’s included:

Module 16

Artisan Vegan Cheese AND Canapés

what’s included:

Module 17

Accompaniments AND Vegan Cheese Plating

what’s included:

Module 18

Culturally-Inspired Main Dishes

what’s included:

Module 19

Stunning Plated Raw Desserts

what’s included:

Module 20

Menu Design AND Final Project

what’s included:

Module 21


what’s included:

Every Lesson Guides and Prepares You To Become A Raw Food Certified Chef!

You’ll conclude the formal portion of this course with the submission of your creative project. Each technique and recipe you’ve created up until now has expertly prepared you for this final advancement – to become a Raw Food Certified Chef! Like every other corner inside this intimate program, you will be supported and empowered towards this final step on your journey, as you open up massive opportunities for your future. Your certification comes with a thorough report and individualized feedback on your work from both Chef Crystal and Chef Don!

Crystal Dawn Culinary Raw Food Culinary Academy

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Here’s what makes Raw Food Culinary Academy leaps and bounds better than anything else out there…

Check Out These Sneak Peek Lessons…


Found in your “Practical Foundations” Module…

Master your Knife & Chef Cuts

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Found in your “Elevated Raw Brunch” Module

Miso Beet Crepes with Herby “Eggs” 

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You can expect this level of clear teaching and inspiration throughout every step of your program.

The Academy Promise

You’re here because you want the confidence to create stunning, healthy, living, and delicious raw food dishes that are free from dairy, meat, eggs, gluten, and soy.

You’re here to gain a solid foundation of skills in the kitchen, as well as in-depth knowledge of plant-based ingredients, recipe reading and writing, and advanced raw food concepts and techniques.

You’re here because, regardless of whether you’re new to the kitchen, a hobby chef, or are fully-fledged into the culinary arts world – you want to amaze your clients, customers, and friends with gorgeous and tasty dishes.

And Don and I know that this course will provide you with every part of that, time and time again.

So in order to protect the integrity of our community by leaving no room for virtual dine and dashing, reproduction, or simulation of this course, there will be no returns on this purchase. We are investing our entirety into this program, and we aspire to attract the same committed and driven chefs in return…

Our promise to you is to go above and beyond to give you an exceptional experience, providing you with the content, knowledge, and support that we have poured our heart & soul into as professional plant-based & raw food chefs.

We are 100% confident that this course will get you to where you want to go with your raw food endeavors, and we are honored to be your guide and show you what’s possible!

Question and Answers…

Because this program was built to expand your talents and creativity – you will be using some necessary equipment such as a high-speed blender, food processor, and a dehydrator. You’ll also learn to challenge the mainstream beliefs (typically by meat-eaters!) with other optional equipment including a sous vide, if you choose to incorporate its unique technique into your savvy new skillset, too.
Yes! In fact, our goal is to help you source by providing sourcing lists and teach you to make ingredients from scratch at home ;). And for any time that’s not possible, we have substitution lists provided for you throughout the program.

A LOT! This is the most robust and unique program that Don or I have ever had the privilege to create. It comes with approximately 100 detailed recipes (196 recipe components), thoroughly explained techniques, and high-quality tutorials. Each video is easy to follow and comes with a closed caption option, too. Unlike many “healthy” recipes found online (spoiler alert: there are often hidden processed components), these recipes are chock-full with only healthy nutrients, and are safe to say the best-tasting content we’ve ever put out (and we’ve put out copious amounts of great stuff!)

You’ll use only wholefood, plant-based ingredients – everything is vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free. You’ll work with unrefined oils, sprouted gluten-free grains and legumes. Additionally, some recipes are nut-free, while others will use activated nuts. You’ll learn to work with a variety of combinations to achieve a well-balanced flavor with each recipe.
You’ll gain immediate access to your dashboard, which houses your entire program. You’ll also receive your private Facebook group access, where we can’t wait to personally meet you!

My previous courses have focused solely on desserts, where this robust program is for ALL dishes throughout your day. (And a WHOLE brand new dessert section, too). Every dish is beautifully plated, allowing many options for who you serve your creations to – anything from individual brunch servings to intimate group appetizers to large-attendance catered meals or retreats. And to boot – partnering with another talented raw chef (one of the best I know!) brings an entirely new standard to the online education arena.

Of course! Being highly accessible is one of the many perks of this program. We are inside the group discussion board and Facebook group daily, answering questions and providing feedback. There is no limit to how long you have access to this support group, either. Additionally, when you submit your final project for your certification, Don and I sit down together to review and report your entire progress… there are MANY avenues where we’ll connect, so you always feel supported.
The first course I ever enrolled in only provided access for one month. It was the most stressful 30 days, knowing that I’d never be able to refer back to that info… From that moment on, I vowed that whenever I created my own content I would provide lifetime access for ALL. And that’s exactly what you’ll receive here – no expiry and no end date.

You’ll be walked through the theory and technique parts of the curriculum, along with knowledge assessments throughout (there’s no limit on these test submissions!). Each piece will build on one another as you create your chosen recipes and submit your final project for review. The entire process is an exciting and empowering one, and there is no timeline to complete your assignments your final project.

Crystal Dawn Culinary Raw Food Culinary Academy

Here’s Everything You Will Receive Inside...

Including Dehydrating technique, Veganizing technique, Sous Vide technique, Blending technique, Processing technique, Pastry Rolling technique, Wrap technique, Raw Bread technique, Herb Oil technique, Cracker Lesson technique, Culturing Cheese technique, Spiralizing technique, Corn Tortilla technique, Smoking Gun technique, All Plating techniques, and more!

Enroll and get started right away!

Including videos, tutorials, and recipes





Are We a Perfect Match?

You’re a great fit for Raw Food Culinary Academy if you can identify with any three of the following:

A final message from Chef Crystal and Chef Don…

We know that you’ve already done the challenging work to get yourself to this position. You’ve already put in the effort to prioritize your health, to follow your passions, and to learn a new way of eating.

And what’s laid out for you inside this program, is all the answers you’ve been seeking.

That’s why the most beautiful part of this is knowing just how possible it all becomes, once you begin to take action inside the program.

So from one two chefs to another – if you decide to allow us on your raw culinary journey, we couldn’t be more excited to support you and lift you up every step of the way.

-Crystal and Don

Crystal Dawn Culinary Raw Food Culinary Academy