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Dedicated to transforming lives through the art of raw vegan culinary expression, Crystal Dawn Culinary is on a mission to revolutionize the way people eat. Join us on a journey of discovery, where every bite is a step towards a healthier, more conscious future.

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International Raw Food Chef

Meet Crystal Bonnet
‘With knowledge, anything is possible!’ No truer words were ever spoken, and these five words inspire and guide me to create. I am now a raw food chef, instructor, and cookbook author, but it was not always this way. Believe me when I say that it was a challenging, incredible, and beautiful journey that brought me to a place where I am now teaching others through the Crystal Dawn Culinary custom courses!

My work within the plant-based culinary industry led me on many adventures, including the development of unique plant-based menus for new restaurants. It was thrilling to travel to design and cater multiple health retreats in Canada and Europe, and when I launched my raw chocolate and dessert business, it was so liberating! Learning should be an exciting and a never-ending pursuit.

Create Delicious and Healthy Plant-Based Food With Confidence

Learn to create, present, and serve scrumptious gluten-free, raw vegan food like a pro


What our students are saying
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Raw Dessert Chef and Owner, Plant Cakes
Taking Crystal’s course was a life-changing experience. It allowed me to discover my passion, pick up new skills, and elevate my business to new heights. The course covers everything, from basic concepts to more complex techniques, to build a strong foundation in raw desserts. It is well-structured, and in-depth, with a lot of bonus materials to further develop your knowledge and skills. With her experience, knowledge, and support, you are set up for success to create beautiful and delicious raw desserts, and to start your own journey as a raw dessert chef.
Alexandra Urra Stefanits
Chef and Owner, Tammy's Vegan Kitchen
I had been wanting to join Nut-Free Raw Cake Academy for some time, but I had to just jump in and say YES and I am so happy that I did! The way Crystal has put together this course makes it very easy to follow and understand clearly. The tutorial videos she has created and the amazing pdfs are so well done and again easy to follow. The course outline is also very easy to navigate with everything so well laid out that you can’t mess up. Crystal has been available every time I have had a question or concern, even if it was something she had gone over in the course. She makes you feel very welcome along the path of learning. She is a true teacher of her craft and puts her whole heart into teaching and guiding her students. I highly recommend this course if you ever want to learn more about raw cakes. I will definitely be signing up for more in the future!
Tammy Glaim
Founder, Rooted In Raw
Crystal's raw dessert course is one of a kind! A perfect avenue to expand your cooking skills and knowledge behind raw desserts. The recipes are super creative and offer learning opportunities for all levels of chefs. The website is user friendly and the videos and content are simple to navigate. Her instructions are super clear and all in all, I love her unique style of recipes. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in learning a variety of raw desserts!
Kaitlyn Kinder
Founder, Raw Berry Desserts
Learning raw cakes from Crystal has changed my life and helped tremendously in my business! I started learning from her for my own personal health choices, but my passion quickly turned into a business and it’s in high demand in my neighborhood. I feel so grateful to learn from the best!
Inga Kaplan
Founder, Vegan Infinity
Crystal's teaching methods are clear and concise and she delivers the course in a way that is easy to understand. She was always there and ready to help when I needed her and that made the course even better, to know that any question would be answered straight away. The course included some surprise extra lessons and free videos which enhanced the learning experience even more so it surpassed my expectations and provided great value for money.
Aliona Doyle
Co-Owner, Yoga Spirit Circle
I learned a lot of creative recipes, became more professional and creative myself with cooking. Her clear voice and instructions made even complex recipes easy to learn. As Crystal is really passionate about plant-based food, I felt very motivated by her positive energy. She has lots of knowledge about nutrition and health benefits, which she shares during her classes.
Isabel Jabs
Plant-Based Culinary Enthusiast
Crystal has not only created wonderful content that she keeps expanding with great bonuses, she is also incredibly giving and supportive with everyone joining the course in a manner that goes beyond any expectations and making you feel to be in a physical class with her. There are just too many good things to review about the course that the best I could recommend, is simply for you to join in and enjoy with us.
Déborah Geissmann
Founder, Healing the Body
As a holistic health coach and healer, I’ve always recognized the power of raw food. I had the pleasure of learning from Crystal many different techniques one can use to create nutritionally dense, beautiful, and delicious foods! Over 3 days, I was fortunate enough to experience her exceptional creations. She also made it easy to understand how to balance flavours and ingredients, so I could create my own raw food at home.
Derek Henry
The Art of Raw Desserts


The Art of Raw Desserts

50 Standout recipes for plant-based cakes, pastries, pies, cookies and more!

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