Crystal’s Morning Green Smoothie

Crystal’s Green Smoothie Recipe – I’m sharing with you the green smoothie I drink at home daily. Not only is this smoothie recipe hydrating, remineralizing, alkalizing and super nutritious; it’s a heavy metal detoxifier. When I discovered eating raw, living food, green smoothies became an instant staple. To be honest I did not like them […]

Nourishing Superfood Smoothie

Nourishing Dessert Smoothie

This superfood smoothie is packed full of nutrition with superfood powders from Moon Organics.  I recently just learned about this brand new company right in backyard here in Victoria, B.C. Run by a supersweet woman from Chile, I was lucky enough to meet her and try some of her product! Moon Organics imports these high-quality […]

Choco Peppermint Smoothie

Choco peppermint smoothie

Chocolate and peppermint – my favorite combination! This power smoothie is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, keto and actually healthy. Made with superfood ingredients, this will tantalize your taste buds and give you energy. If you are like me and don’t drink coffee, I heavily rely on chocolate to give me the boost I need during the […]

Pumpkin Spice Almond Mylk

Pumpkin Spice Almond Mylk

Today was my first day back from a 5 day social media break. (I know it’s not that long, I would have liked to take a longer break but I have a business to run!) It was the best thing I could have done right now; i got so much done I have been putting […]

Immune Boosting Superfood Elixir

Immune Boosting Superfood Elixir

Finally, a new recipe is up – Immune Boosting Superfood Elixir! It only took me 2 months haha! I will be posting more in the near future, my main goal is to work on my blog; I will be adding more recipes, raw food nutrition information, kitchen equipment, etc.  If there is anything you would […]

Cacao Cookie Dough Smoothie

Cookie Dough Protein Smoothie

This is my first post in a quite a while; since October to be exact! I had to take a break from my blog to focus on other projects such as courses and piano lessons. Unfortunately I have a full-time day job just like everyone else, (booh!!) so my schedule can be overwhelming at times. […]