Raw Food Foundations Masterclass

Join chef Crystal in making simple and nutritious dishes for a whole day of “no cooked” food. Ready to explore the world of raw food and discover just how amazing it can taste? Crystal’s recipes are the perfect place to start!

For all skill levels!

Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just starting out...

Crystal’s recipes and techniques will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen. You’ll want to listen up because this raw food class is for you!

raw vegan energy bars

Techniques you’ll Master in This Class:

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Inside the Masterclass:

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Hi! I’m Chef Crystal!

Crystal Bonnet here – wife, pianist, outdoor enthusiast, internationally recognized raw chef, and the passionate creator behind Crystal Dawn Culinary.

And I’m honored that you found your way over.

By simply being here, it tells me you take pride in what you do, what you represent, and what you feed yourself and others.

You see, I’m on a mission to support other chefs in living a healthy lifestyle through raw food without ever sacrificing its taste or beauty. It’s baked into my soul to help teach, inspire and empower all foodies – so you, too, can live out all your unique raw food goals.


And that’s the truth, my friend.

Because there’s nothing better than giving yourself a healthy and tasty alternative, a creative outlet, a new level of confidence each time you step into the kitchen.

That’s what this is all about, anyway.

… Empowering creative and driven people like you to create delicious offerings, master a new skill, and build something they are wildly proud of.

I’ve helped hundreds of chefs uplevel their skills, techniques, and income streams – and am a true believer that….

Anyone can create gorgeous AND delicious raw food IF they have the right training and support.

And if you allow me to show you, I’d be delighted to help you experience just that!

How this Class Works:

As soon as you enroll, you will gain access to the entire masterclass
There is no time limit for this class; you have lifetime access
This class is self-paced; this is not a live class
You will receive support for each lesson via the course platform

All recipes are made with wholefood, raw, vegan & gluten-free ingredients


Question and Answers…

You will require a high-speed blender, food processor, and optional dehydrator (if you want to soak and dehydrate your nuts and seeds).  A full kitchen equipment and tool list is provided in the course. We provide links and recommendations to brands we recommend.

Wholefood, plant-based ingredients including nuts and seeds, cacao and coconut products. Some of the recipes are nut-free, and we also provide a substitution list in the course. By purchasing this masterclass, you agree to use these ingredients.

You’ll gain immediate and lifetime access to the masterclass. Videos are pre-recorded, this masterclass is not live; it is self-paced.

This is a one-day raw vegan meal plan with some of my go-to weekly meal prep recipes. My other courses are extensive chef certification programs.

Yes, I am committed to supporting you in this course. You can ask questions under each lesson in the masterclass and I will respond as soon as possible.

Yes, of course, this course was designed for all skill levels. This is a foundations masterclass with simple and nutritious raw food recipes I have been making as my staples for years.

raw vegan tacos

Check out what some of the students are making...

lemon white chocolate tarts

My goal is to uncomplicate raw food and help you make DELICIOUS PLANT-BASED + HEALTHY FOOD!!

Join me and let’s make it happen together!

lemon white chocolate tarts

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