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All The Technical Elements To Successfully Operate Your Dehydrator
My Top Equipment And Tool Recommendations
How To Clean And Store Your Dehydrator For Quick Wins
The Pro Chef’s Secrets To Reducing Kitchen Waste
How To Master Wraps And Crackers In A Food Dehydrator
Top Tips For Convenient And Time-Saving “Cooking” Practices

A Peek Behind The Scenes With New Recipes For Dehydrated Nuts, Seeds, Sprouted Buckwheat & More!

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“Crystal has not only created wonderful content with great bonuses, she’s also incredibly giving and supportive, making you feel like you’re in a physical class with her.”


“I learned a lot of creative recipes, became more professional and creative myself with cooking. Her clear voice and instructions made even complex recipes easy to learn.”


I’ve been a raw food chef for 10 years and worked in kitchens from Bali and Jamaica, to the US and Canada. I’ve picked up a few dehydrator kitchen hacks along the way and I’m sharing them with you!

Dehydrator Webinar
Bonuses: Inside Getting to Know Your Dehydrator, You’ll Also Get Your Hands On:

Hi! I’m Chef Crystal!

I’m a graduate and champion of the plant-based nutrition and raw food diet and lifestyle.

I’ve spent years studying the importance of the culinary aspect of nutrition found in living foods. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve been privileged to develop new plant-based menus for restaurants, catered multiple health retreats, and launched my own raw chocolate brand!

I am a firm believer in the principle that “With knowledge, anything is possible.” So I’m sharing my knowledge with you with easy to understand and simple to follow tutorials, recipes, and courses!


Question and Answers…

For main kitchen appliances, you will require a blender, food processor and of course a dehydrator. A full equipment and tool list is provided in the recipe manual.

Wholefood, plant-based ingredients that are raw, vegan and gluten-free. And of course, highly-nutritious! A full shopping list is provided in the recipe manual.

Depending on the time you choose, you will be redirected to a thank you page with a countdown timer and more information. You will also receive a webinar confirmation email with the link. 

No, this class is pre-recorded and delivered via high quality video with three camera angles to give you the best view on executing the recipes. As soon as you register you gain access to watch this class and will receive a full recipe manual. 

This is a technical and culinary class available to watch for a limited time. My paid classes are lifetime access and delivered via an online course platform. 

Yes, I am committed to supporting you in completing this class successfully. Reach out to me via email

Yes, of course, I have set up this masterclass for you to succeed with all the information you will need to execute these recipes and master your dehydrator. Even if you’re experienced with raw food you will enjoy these recipes and probably learn something new.

Dehydrator Webinar

My goal is to uncomplicate your dehydrator and help you make DELICIOUS PLANT-BASED + HEALTHY FOOD!!

Join me and let’s make it happen together!

Dehydrator Webinar

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