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Festive Peppermint Cookies

Festive Peppermint Cookies

Raw, Vegan and gluten free peppermint cookies with a fluffy coconut red and green center. 
Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 22 pieces



  • Combine all dry ingredients including coconut pulp in a bowl. 
  • Mix cacao butter, coconut nectar, peppermint essential oil and stevia in a separate bowl. 
  • Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and mix with your hands until combined. 
  • Separate coconut mixture into two small size bowls, add beet powder to one and spirulina to another mixing well until colors are evenly incorporated. 
  • Press both mixtures firmly into a silicone mold (like the one shown above), alternating layers to create a marble effect. 
  • Set in the freezer while melting the chocolate. 
  • Melt 150 g dark chocolate to enrobe cookies or use my chocolate recipe here: http://crystaldawnculinary.com/easy-raw-vegan-chocolate/
  • Remove cookies from freezer, remove from mold and dip into a bowl of melted chocolate until evenly covered. Option to garnish with shredded coconut. 
  • Place cookies onto a tray (i use a cutting board) lined with parchment paper and set in the freezer. 


Cookies will last in the freezer for 1 month or fridge for one week. 
By blending shredded coconut and water you just made coconut milk! Use this in place of dairy for cereal, granola, oatmeal or baking. 
* pay attention to the cacao butter used in the recipe; this is used as a binder to hold the cookie together. If you think you require more, then melt some more down and add a little bit at a time. The mixture should be wet and press easily into the mold.*