I was feeling a little tired and under the weather the other day so I whipped up my favorite immune boosting super smoothie!  This smoothie is packed full of vitamin C you will feel better as you’re drinking it.

One of my favorite superfoods is Camu Camu Berry Powder; it is full of vitamin C. In fact just one teaspoon contains 1200% of RDI vitamin C, whaaat?!

Not just immune boosting, this smoothie is really energizing and hydrating and also perfect for a post-workout snack, Enjoy!


Immune Boosting Vitamin C Smoothie

Under the weather pick me up smoothie

Crystal Bonnet
A Vitamin C packed smoothie that will make you feel better when under the weather!



  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.


Add more or less ice to achieve your desired consistency.