Exclusive invite for chefs, nutritious-minded food-based business owners, and raw vegan enthusiasts who want to create masterful desserts they are proud of.

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Go from being hesitant, bored, and uninspired in the kitchen…

…To a confident, empowered, and certified raw desserts chef who creates jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing Raw Desserts

“But there’s no way I’m capable of *that*…”

You say, eyes-wide, pointing at a beautiful dessert you could only dream of creating​

Meet Your Lead Instructor: Chef Crystal Bonnet

Culinary and Nutrition Education

  • Advanced Plant-Based Chef & Integral Wellbeing Leader Training with Wild Food Cafe
  • Raw Food Fundamentals with Matthew Kenney
  • Plant-Based Desserts with PlantLab
  • Foundations of Plant-Based Nutrition with Natural Gourmet Institute
  • Advanced Plant-Based Culinary Arts with Pure Joy Academy
  • Raw Cuisine Nutrition Diploma

Online Student Enrollments

Industry Experience

  • Holistic Chef and Instructor Certification – Interned during onsite training with Pure Joy Academy
  • Online Instructor and Administrator – Pure Joy Academy
  • Raw Desserts Chef – Buddhafull Cafe
  • Curriculum creation and Instructor for a 5 day Raw Chef Certification at the Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali
  • Plant-Based Cafe Menu Consulting in Jamaica and Canada
  • Head Retreat Chef, full-time – Yoga Spirit Circle, Spain
  • Retreat Chef – multiple locations in Canada
  • Sole Proprietor of Fig Leaf Foods – raw, vegan stone ground chocolate and raw, vegan desserts

Because despite the fact that you...

You STILL have yet to hit your stride in creating desserts that you are shout-from-the rooftops proud of and fulfill your goals in the raw dessert space.

Whoa, my raw foodie friend.
Let’s take a step back.
Because there’s something I’d like to share when it comes to creating gorgeous desserts.


Creating award-winning and restaurant-quality
treats is not an innate skill.

Nobody was “born” talented in the kitchen – regardless of what they tell you.

They didn’t come into the world knowing professional piping techniques, how to frost a cake or enrobe chocolates.

Not even a little bit.


Learning to create picture-worthy raw desserts is an attainable and ACQUIRED skill that anybody is capable of.


And achieving all this is more than possible for you, IF you’re equipped with the correct tools and guidance.

HI - I’m Chef Crystal Bonnet

And inside this letter, I’m sharing what I believe to be the number one most supportive, effective, and life-changing system ever established to help creatives like you take their passion for raw food and advance it into money-making income and newly minted opportunities.

No matter how big or small your aspirations are.

And because you found your way here today – I know that you have a lingering feeling that maybe…just maybe… you’re capable of creating these decadent raw desserts as well.

And after almost a decade in the raw dessert biz, 

I’ve distilled down the four pillars that every plant-based and raw vegan dessert chef needs to equip themself with in order to uplevel their raw dessert game and change the trajectory of their business.
Kerry Coote

I have done lots of courses and this is the master of them all. Crystal’s intentions are kind and genuine. If I didn’t have lifetime access, I would pay and do it all over again. Fantastic experience, material, demonstrations and person.

One Love from Jamaica 🇯🇲


Servane Pellen

I signed up for Crystal’s raw desserts chef certification course even if I have been making raw vegan desserts for several years and I do not regret it. She taught me her techniques and precious advice to decorate and make the recipes. Thank you, Crystal, for your availability and your creativity; I was afraid of not always understanding the lessons well because I am French but the videos and explanations are clear and

Crystal is always there to respond with kindness if necessary. Again, thank you Crystal, you are a great chef and an excellent professor!


Gisele Lecadou

I started this raw desserts chef certification course with minimum expectations and got more than I even thought. Crystal is really patient and always available for her students which is important. I loved every single recipe created. It takes a great teacher to come out with such great recipes and techniques and everything flows easily. I am happy I found this course. I literally took it just to learn new recipes for my daughter who has some allergies and I ended up being a Chef!

It is still surreal to me but thank you Crystal! Kudos to you for the work and motivation put into this course.


Farhana Shabbirdin

I have enjoyed every part of this learning experience with Crystal. The raw desserts chef certification course has been created so thoroughly, professionally and provides such a variety of recipes and techniques to learn from. Crystal is so helpful, kind and extremely knowledgeable.

I have loved every part of this course; I can’t wait to keep learning from Crystal and would highly recommend this course to anyone in a heartbeat. THANK YOU, Crystal, this course and experience has completely changed my life and I am forever grateful!


Hayat Sam

So many good things to say, not one time was I disappointed. Crystal is an amazing teacher, and she is straight to the point, and well organized. She is available to her students at all time, and you feel supported throughout the course.

Crystal is very generous as well, the bonus courses are very helpful, and well thought of. The bar has been set high for the next course I take.

Expert Training AND Theory.
It’s no wonder so many chefs get frustrated when recipes from streamed videos don’t work out, even when they follow the directions to a “T.” Sometimes there are intangible elements that make all the difference – like specific techniques that weren’t mentioned, not having the big-picture knowledge of the end result, lacking the know-how to expertly store and prep ingredients correctly (if you’re not working with the right goods, it’s an uphill battle to begin with). That’s why detailed theory should be a STAPLE behind every recipe, so you are always set up for success.
Real. Time. Feedback.

Every chef can only go so far without personalized feedback. I mean, how does anyone ever expect to get better at something if they don’t know what they were doing wrong in the first place? I’ve witnessed the profoundly enhanced results a chef can get from weekly and individualized feedback on their creations, because it allows them to make the necessary adjustments and confidently NAIL it the next time around. This not only cuts down on wasted time and money, but it keeps motivation high!

Continued Education & Staying Ahead of New Trends.

It’s hard to move forward with your raw food goals if you don’t have a pulse on what’s happening in the ever-changing industry. Staying informed on trends is important to help you build credibility and value, as it shows that you’re an expert who knows where your field is heading in the future. Keeping your skills sharp and being up on the latest strategies builds confidence and keeps those around you entertained and wanting more.

Proven Differentiators and the “IT” Factor.

With so many raw food options popping up around us, it’s imperative that every committed chef separates themself from the pack. Gaining recognition through high-level certifications shouts “trusted status” from a customer’s perspective. It’s also a mighty powerful accomplishment from a personal development and achievement standpoint, too!

It’s these four pillars that I struggled to find anyone explain well (in a streamlined, comprehensive, and manageable way) when I first started this journey myself.

So a decade later, I created it.

And now it’s become the four pillars that have given hundreds of chefs some of their biggest accomplishments to date: recipe contracts, bakery openings, dinner parties with friends, catered events, overflowing purchase orders, new business start-ups, and scrumptious family dinners!
That’s why I’m so pleased to weave these four pillars into a life-enhancing hands-on experience to help you continue YOUR rise as an expert raw dessert chef, too.
It’s time to crank your Vitamix on high and introduce you to…
Raw Desserts Chef Certification Course
The most comprehensive step-by-step program that teaches any
health-conscious foodie how to create show-stopping raw vegan desserts
Perfect for business-minded chefs who want to expand their skills, grow their existing income, or start a new side hustle

Upon your certification of this program, you’ll confidently be able to:

Reach high levels of success in both your personal life and career
As a certified raw dessert chef
Regardless of where you’re at today

It’s my personal promise to provide you absolutely everything
you need to become a raving success. You’ve got my word.

Ruzica Krzalic, Founder of  RKake

Being part of this course was such a valuable and rewarding experience. The recipes are developed in a very creative way by combining healthy ingredients, various techniques, and easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through every step of the way. Beside having fun while making all the beautiful plant-based desserts, I’ve also gathered lots of useful information and knowledge that helped me understand the importance of integrating healthy, nutritious raw foods into my lifestyle, and enjoy their health benefits. The passion, professional expertise, and positive energy that Crystal has put into this program inspired me on a number of levels, both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to venture into this wonderful world of healthy eating. You’ll be guided, supported, and encouraged by a beautiful soul, such as Crystal is.
Learning new things should be an exciting and never-ending story. There’s no finish line, and that’s the beauty of it.


Enter, The Certification Process...
PHASE ONE: Prep And Theory
Suggested timeline: 1 month
You’ll begin this program with a unique culinary apprenticeship out of the gate. I’m a big believer that the best chefs understand the ingredients they’re working with, along with why and how to use them. This also means understanding your equipment, proper techniques, and the ins and outs of every natural ingredient that you’ll come into contact with not just in this course, but in your future raw endeavors as well. This base knowledge becomes your north star in cutting down time in the kitchen, saving money on trial & error, knowing how to troubleshoot, and improving your overall enjoyment. It also plays a lead role when you create your own personal recipes upon final certification.
You’ll walk away with: Your course plan mapped out, meet and greets from your instructors, and access to your “Recipe Manual” with every training, dessert, and ingredient that you’ll encounter in the coming modules.

You’ll be prepped, welcomed into the private community, and ready to immerse yourself into a rewarding and motivating experience as a raw dessert chef!
Detailed training includes:
- Equipment and Tools
- Shopping List
- Ingredient Sourcing & Discounts
- Substitution List

You’ll walk away with: The understanding of exactly what tools you need, while omitting everything you don’t. To keep down costs, I will only mention tools and ingredients that are necessary, and will never ask you to purchase something that is not imperative in the kitchen. You’ll also receive sourcing discounts and calculated substitution lists to ensure you’re never held back with finding the ingredients you need.
Detailed training includes:
- Sweetener Shake-down
- Binders & Emulsifiers
- Storing Your Ingredients & Cakes

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Expert knowledge around sweeteners that are used in raw culinary, especially the great debate around what is misconstrued as “healthy.” Immerse yourself in what sweeteners to use for what dish, how to provide and improve your desserts stability, and how to store ingredients along with your finished cakes.
Detailed training includes:
- Using Your Dehydrator
- Measuring Ingredients
- How to Balance Flavors
- Melting Methods
- Activating Nuts and Seeds
- Foundations of Culturing
- Cake & Dessert Cutting Guide

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Foundational skills in becoming a masterful raw dessert chef. Nailing these initial concepts will provide you with a future of upleveled confidence, troubleshooting capabilities, and the know-how to tweak recipes (rather than always feeling reliant on the formal instructions.)
Detailed training includes:
- Sprouting Buckwheat
- Irish/Sea Moss Paste & Agar Paste
- Raw Sprouted Oat Flour
- Almond Milk & Cream
- Coconut Milk & Cream
- Homemade Coconut Butter

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Mise en place mastery to prep all your base ingredients that will be used in future recipes. Uncover expert secrets when it comes to things like sprouting your buckwheat, working with tasty sea moss, and producing your own milk & creams.
Step back from Phase One with an entirely new knowledge base that you’ll take with you for every future creation. At this point, you’ve gained exceptional insights to lay the way for your desserts, and can refer back to these foundational videos at any time.
PHASE TWO: Kitchen Mastery
Suggested timeline: 3-6 months
Let your culinary advancement begin! You’ll make quantum leaps with exciting and challenging new recipes and will be fully supported along the way. You’ll surprise yourself with what’s possible and will feel the ultimate sense of accomplishment with the beautiful and tasty creations you bring to life. The way this program is structured (professional videos, consumable and straight-forward demonstrations, weekly feedback availability, continued access to me – Chef Crystal, and a private group of other committed and motivated chefs) means you’re set up for amazing success as you master each decadent dessert inside the curriculum.

Complete Phase Two having excelled in over forty expert and gourmet raw dessert recipes. Each recipe is filmed in steps and sections -with less than 6-minute videos per training- which means everything is laid out in a consumable and organized way. You’ll be wearing your white hat proudly after challenging yourself to new and unique creations – skills that you will take with you for life.

PHASE THREE: Certification
Suggested timeline: 1-3 months
You’ll conclude the formal portion of this course with the submission of your certification. Each technique and recipe you’ve created up until now has expertly prepared you for this final advancement – to become a Raw Dessert Certified Chef. (Congrats!) Like every other corner inside this intimate program, you will be supported and empowered towards this final step on your journey, as you open up massive opportunities for your future.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Candied Citrus Slices
- Candied Coconut Sprinkles
- Orange Candied Nuts
- Caramelized Hazelnuts
- Vanilla Cream Frosting
- Double Chocolate Frosting
- Frosting Piping Tutorial

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: The ability to uplevel every dessert you create with a new flair of beauty. Learn to assemble simple add-ons that enhance the entire experience for your customers and add calculated POPS that increase the whole look of your cakes.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Citrus Crunchy Buckwheat Granola
- Wild Berry Bliss Bowl
- Blue Majik Lemon Bliss Bites
- Simple Probiotic Coconut Yogurt Parfait
- Strawberry Probiotic Oats Squares

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: A whole new toolkit for morning breakfast and midday snacks! From upscaled parfaits to mid-morning energy balls, you’ve got an army of interchangeable and nutritious options to add to your menu.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Raw Chocolate 101 + Chocolate Tempering
- Enrobing and Melting Cacao Products
- Almond Spice Praline
- Raspberry Hazelnut Fudge
- Mastering Truffles
- Beginner Chocolate Truffles
- Peppermint Cream Truffles
- Tiramisu Chocolate Bars

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Discovering the basics of working with chocolates, including melting for enrobing, making shells, molds, chocolate domes, and the process of infusing it into your desserts. Conclude this module with five new dishes in your repertoire.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Dark Chocolate Truffles Advanced
- Mocha Hazelnut Praline
- Mint Brownie Fudge Chocolate Bars

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Advanced techniques to build on your new chocolate knowledge as you dig into layered components, enrobing mastery, and product assembly.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream
- Decorated Ginger Spice Ice Cream Cookies
- Pistachio Rose Ice Cream Cakes

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: A complete understanding of working with different creams and the creation of healthy dairy-free ice cream. Feel confident with using an ice cream maker to create the perfect consistency for a handful of different balanced flavors.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Chai Chocolate Orange Cheesecake
- Strawberry Rose Hibiscus Cheesecake
- Mango White Chocolate Cheesecake

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Captivating cheesecakes that are rich in both color and flavor. Learn to excel with different types of crusts, filings, and edible designs while becoming a confident cheesecake creator.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Matcha Key Lime Pie with Coconut Frosting
- Banoffee Pie with Coconut Cream

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Forming and designing pies that turn out exactly the way you want... and bring you joy to create. Zero-in on plating and decorating your pies - skills that can be transferred to all other desserts, too.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Lavender Blueberry Tarts
- Lemon Panna Cotta Tarts

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Easy-to-execute tasty crusts, paired with balanced fillings for your tart portion of this course. You’re always equipped with substitution options and the needed knowledge to ensure your pies are set just right.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- Almond Cherry Cookies
- Chocolate Doughnuts with Raspberry Glaze
- Cannoli and Cannoli Cookies
- Mocha Crepes with Cultured Vanilla Cream and Espresso Dust

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: A whole new world of opportunities when it comes to tasty pastries! Nobody said pastries had to be baked, right?! You’ll experience a rush of new options when making “mainstream” pastries… now with your own dehydrated twist.
Step-by-step video training includes:
- White Chocolate Raspberry Entremet
- Tropical Coconut Rum Trifle
- Red Velvet Cherry Ice Cream Cake
- Almond Spice Cake with Orange Cheesecake Frosting
- Mixed Berry Jam Double Chocolate Fudge
- Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Ganache Cake
- Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed Cake

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: Cake creation + cake decorating skills that win over family, friends, and customers. Embark on leveling up your raw dessert skills when you unpack these seven new expert trainings and learn to infuse an array of fillings, toppings, and flavors into each layer of your restaurant-worthy cakes.
You’ll walk away with: The know-how and execution of writing perfectly balanced and flavorful proprietary recipes for personal or business use!

You’ll learn how to sketch, design, and compile recipes using step-by-step professional guidelines... all while drawing from personal inspiration and new techniques you’ve learned throughout the course.

arrow Module Completion Assessment New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday

You’ll walk away with: The development of your uniquely written recipes + massive momentum! You will unleash your creativity from what you’ve learned over the previous sixteen modules as all your growth, skills, and new confidence are combined into the submission of your final project.

There are no limits to what you can create - only an inspiring process that challenges you in all the right aways.

Module Completion Assessment
New submissions reviewed + feedback provided every Friday. We give you an entire year to submit your assignments and final project! After 1 year of support you still have lifetime access to the program to refer back to the materials. 
By the end of your training, you’ll graduate as a Raw Dessert Certified Chef! And you’ll receive all the perks and surprise bonuses that come with the new status! The team here at Crystal Dawn Culinary is so excited to lift you to new heights and champion you as a master raw dessert chef!
It’s important you know that this course we created for you to SUCCEED. Every single module assignment is reviewed and feedback is provided, so you are always supported and continually improving every step of the way.

You are never capped on the number of assignment submissions nor the length of time it takes to complete.

We can’t wait for you to experience this level of success in your kitchen. You’ve got this, chef!

In addition to the deliciousness inside the recipes…

Along with the simple-to-implement training videos…

The true uniqueness of this course can be summarized in one decisive way: The support you receive is like no other course experience you have ever encountered.
“This is the first time I feel so much presence from the teacher.”

Déborah Geissmann, Founder of   That Sweet Jungle

I have enrolled in a couple of online courses in my life, but it is the first time that I feel so much presence and continuous investment from the teacher. Crystal has not only created wonderful content that she keeps expanding with great bonuses, she is also incredibly giving and supportive with everyone joining the course in a manner that goes beyond any expectations and making you feel to be in a physical class with her. This class feels so inclusive in many ways, as Crystal also takes into consideration the opinion of her students. There are just too many good things to review about the course that the best I could recommend, is simply for you to come enjoy it with us.
Here’s how we make sure this program becomes your best investment as a raw chef...
Private Online Community & Personal Support
When we say you’ll be supported, we truly mean we have your back in every corner of your raw food journey. I believe every chef needs levels of individual attention, and I also believe they need a safe space to open up and move forward. Both these reasons are why I am so active inside our online community to provide you with answers and guidance along the way – no question is too small, no question is too big, and no question goes unanswered.
Feedback on Every Assignment Submission
All new assignment submissions are reviewed and given feedback on every single Friday. This means you are constantly gaining personalized audits to move your creations forward, and are never stuck on any piece of the puzzle. This is a MASSIVE perk that guarantees to keep you motivated, accountable, and successful in the kitchen.
Industry Professional LIVE Masterclasses Library and ongoing Monthly Check-Ins

As an advantage, you’ll receive access to a monthly live masterclasse library from myself and industry experts to keep you well-rounded and up to date in the kitchen! These monthly sessions are organized depending on input from the group, and cover anything such as business building, current trends, hyper-focused skills training, and new techniques. Classes are forward-thinking, highly educational, and have been led by many certified alumni, too!


Let’s Chat Ongoing PERKS!

To ensure your success, you’ll ALSO unlock two expert bonus programs that will help you along your journey…
Ultimate Foodie Vault (value $5100+)
This bonus is BRIMMING with goodies for you to cash in on at your convenience. It’s library of resources are constantly updated and will continue to serve you alongside your lifetime access.
Food Photography Mini-Course (value $197)
The best way to grow your social following and create a buzz around your desserts are with beautiful photos. And as part of your certification process, you will be required to snap shots of your final creations, too. That’s exactly why this mini-course was created – so you can confidently capture the beauty of your desserts! You’ll learn about equipment, props, style and composition, photo editing…and all for both camera and phone!
Access to these additional courses are provided to you immediately upon purchase, and the goal for them is to become the anchor support if (and when) their need arises.

They are not tied to the certification syllabus and are solely for you to reference, go deeper on trainings, and uncover more knowledge and confidence throughout your journey.

This goldmine of extra content was created solely for the elite chefs inside this program and access is not available anywhere else.
Crystal’s Culinary Promise

You’re here because you want to make healthy raw cakes that taste as good as they look. And I know this course will provide you with exactly that, time and time again.

Regardless if you are newer to the kitchen, a hobby chef, or are full-fledged into the culinary business world – this course was meticulously crafted to help you “awe” your clients and friends with gorgeous and delicious raw cakes.

To protect the integrity of our community by leaving no room for virtual dine and dashing, reproduction, or simulation of this course, there is no money-back guarantee. I’m investing my entirety into this program, and I aspire to attract the same committed and driven chefs in return…

My promise to you is to go above and beyond to give you an exceptional experience, providing you with the content I have poured my heart and soul into during my journey as a professional plant-based & raw food chef.

I’m 100% confident that this course will get you to where you want to go with your raw cake endeavors, and I’m honored to be your guide and show you what’s possible!
Raw Desserts Chef Certification Course

Certification Process


Total Value: $5999
But you can join today for just

30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout


30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout


30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout

Here’s a sneak peek at assignments
from our creative students
(Yes – you can do this, too!)

Coursework by Ruzica Krzalic, Tina Mejri, Inga Kaplan, Eunae Bahng, Monika Skiotyte, Deanna Grant, Dani Dabo, Tzeitel Sorrosa, Leslieann Newell, and Maria Goncalves

"Thank you for helping me develop my skills and GIVING me the confidence to keep going."

Aliona Doyle, Founder of   Vegan Infinity

This was my first time to do an online course so I was a little apprehensive about how and if it would work but I have to say that it was a real pleasure to be a part of the course. Crystal’s teaching methods are clear and concise and she delivers the course in a way that is easy to understand. She was always there and ready to help when I needed her and that made the course even better, to know that any question would be answered straight away. The social media pages allowed me to connect with other students on the course and it was so great to share our experiences together and learn from each other. The course included some surprise extra lessons and free videos which enhanced the learning experience even more so it surpassed my expectations and provided great value for money. Crystal – if you plan to do any more courses or projects, I will be first person in the line! Thank you so much for helping me to develop my skills and give me the confidence to keep going.


This course is a comprehensive step-by-step program that teaches any health-conscious foodie how to create show-stopping raw vegan desserts. It’s a thoughtfully created curriculum that includes every element to becoming a certified raw dessert chef. Whether your goal is to start or grow your food-based business, OR simply for personal desire - this program will hold your hand through every element of becoming confident in the kitchen with raw ingredients and beautiful, tasty creations.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrolment for the last cohort of students ends on December 31st so we can focus on the students we currently have. 

With over 100-hours of content for the certification portion, it truly depends on what your immediate and long-term goals are. We’ve had varying completion times, everything from 3-months to one year. You have one year to submit assignments and your final project to complete your certification. You will have lifetime access to the materials to refer back to the curriculum whenever you want and have support from instructors for one year.

No worries! Everything was filmed and designed in a step-by-step way to allow anyone interested in raw food to see success within this course.
The core necessities that I suggest every chef have are a high-speed blender, dehydrator, and a food processor. Outside of that, all smaller tools along with every ingredient are outlined for you upon your arrival!
I always find it a huge setback whenever there are hard-to-reach ingredients that make it impossible for students to even start. So that’s definitely not the case here! We make it easy for you with a list of vendors by region: currently for Canada, USA, Australia, and UK - with potential to expand. As an added perk, you’ll receive vendor discounts and full substitution lists as well.
While I have several other paid workshops and recipes, this is our signature program and capstone course. It is for determined chefs and offers the ultimate level of support and reward for you to become a master certified raw food chef!
The Raw Chef Certification Course
includes the following…

Certification Process


Total Value: $5999
But you can join today for just

30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout


30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout


30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout

“My coworkers are blown away with how healthy and delectable these desserts are."
Angelia Dickinson, Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Holistic Health Educator, PHD
I recently started Crystal’s amazing raw chef desserts certification program. I am so amazed at the valuable information the course provides. In addition, the online platform is very user friendly, and easy to follow. I have made some of the recipes from the course, for my coworkers; they are absolutely blown away with how healthy and delectable the desserts are. Also, I am learning so much, who knew raw plant-based desserts could be healthy and tasty at the same time. I would recommend Crystal’s course to anyone who has a passion for plant-based foods.

if we haven't met before,

Then, hello! I’m chef Crystal

- and I’m honored you’re here.
In this corner of the internet – I’ve become the go-to girl for all things raw dessert. It wasn’t always this way though..

I remember back in my corporate days, I was the employee who brought microwavable, processed, and frozen meals to work Every. Single. Day.

I naively thought that my proportioned sizes meant I was healthy, too!

But my irritable skin, low-energy, unhappy body, and blah-ness told me otherwise. And it wasn’t until I found my love for raw food that all of that changed.

This was almost a decade ago now, and the only thing that brings me more joy than creating these raw, healthy, and gorgeous creations…

Are teaching others like YOU how to accomplish them, too.

I’ve taught all backgrounds from beginners to mainstream bakers, and can tell you that no matter where you’re at coming into this course – the words “proud” and “accomplishment” feel the same for everyone across the board.

I’m on a mission to help every raw dessert chef who walks through these doors, and I promise to provide you with each tool, tip, and technique you need to reach ALL your raw dessert goals.

Thank you for being here and sharing your journey with me… now let’s get you certified!

Why This Course is Right for You

A recap of just some of the benefits:


Receive constructive feedback from your instructors on all assignments including access to the exclusive community support group


No stress in completing the program on time, go at your own pace. Gain access to the entire program immediately after registration


Learn the building blocks of nutritious ingredients used in raw desserts. All ingredients in this course are vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar-free


Through the course lessons and creative assignments you will gain the confidence to modify and create your own raw dessert recipes


After you've completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by Crystal Dawn Culinary


Easy to read lists of the shopping list, kitchen tools and equipment, and substitutions for raw dessert making

By not enrolling in the Raw Desserts Chef Certification course, you risk...

“A Perfect Avenue to Expand Your Cooking skills”
Kaitlyn Kinder, Founder, Rooted in Raw, Raw Food Chef & Nutrition Consultant
Crystal’s raw dessert course is one of a kind! A perfect avenue to expand your cooking skills and knowledge behind raw desserts. The recipes are super creative and offer learning opportunities for all levels of chefs. The website is user friendly and the videos and content are simple to navigate. Her instructions are super clear and all in all, I love her unique style of recipes. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in learning a variety of raw desserts!

Certification Process


Total Value: $5999
But you can join today for just

30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout


30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout


30% off until Dec 31st. Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout

trust yourself

A Final Note From Crystal
All I’m asking is that you trust yourself.
With the entire process mapped out, and the support unlimited… You are capable of unbelievable creations in the kitchen.
I’ll see you on the inside!
Yours in raw desserts,
XO, Crystal

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