Having good, clean drinking water available at home has always been important to me. I’ve done so much research over the years on countertop water filtration systems and gone through a few before I found the one I love! 

Water is an essential need in the human body.

How much do you think water occupies in our bodies? Surprisingly water occupies about 70% of the human body. All living organisms interact with water on a daily basis when bathing, swimming or drinking. When we humans talk about attaining good health, clean water should be the top point of all our conversations. Our bodies cannot survive without water and not just water but clean water. Several research have been conducted and there have been conclusions that dehydration, which brought by lack of enough water in the body, can cause problems with the brain system and even bring about hallucination.

Just like motor vehicles which require petrol or diesel to operate, our bodies require water to enable us to carry out our daily routines. Clean drinking water can be economical by keeping our bodies from contracting waterborne infections such Cryptosporidiosis (Cryptosporidium), Cyclosporiasis (Cyclospora spp.) Giardiasis (Giardia) among others. These eater borne infections are very costly to manage. Berkey brings you “Berkey water filters” to enable you to consume clean drinking water at your home. Visit this website to learn more.

Clean drinking water has many benefits to our bodies. Some of the benefits are:

1) Improve our physical performance – when we are doing some physical events or activities, our bodies use a lot of water during this process. When we stay dehydrated before, during and even after, these activities make us protect our bodies from harm. Staying hydrated also improves our performance, reduce fatigue and help us to be less sore after exercise.

2) Protect against diseases – another major role of clean water in our bodies is prevention of diseases. Apart from preventing us from contracting water borne infections, clean water also prevents us against kidney stones, coronary heart disease, and urinary tract infections among other diseases. It is important that we consume clean water. Berkey water filters help you filter any viral or bacterial organisms in your drinking water. Learn more by clicking here.

3) Boosting our mood – drinking more clean water boosts our daily mood. Studies conducted have shown that people who consume higher quantity clean water tend to participate a lot and are more active than those who drink less quantity of water in a day because they undergo fatigue, decreased contentedness among others. Basically, our day to day mood is boosted by the quantity of clean water we consume.

4) Help us in losing weight – for most people who ever felt like they have gained more weight and desire to lose some weight, the best remedy proved by research studies is to drink more clean water on a daily basis. Drinking a lot of clean water with some exercise helps you lose more pounds.

5) Taking care of our skin and hair – drinking more clean water is useful in hydrating our skin and hair and making them look fresh and healthy. Additionally, water acts as a blood cleanser and a detoxifier, preventing acne and capillary problems.

6) Boosting our brain power – when we drink clean water we boost our cognitive performance .Through research and studies, it has been found that drinking more clean water during cognitive tasks helps in producing better performance. Studies also indicated that mild dehydration can cause cognitive impair for a short term.

7) Shielding us from respiratory infections and diseases – clean water smooth-ens the mucus membrane in the nose, trachea, lungs and bronchi. Clean water also helps us avoid contracting bacterial infections or reducing chances of developing viral within the respiratory system.

8) Preventing headache – Dehydration is a common cause of headache in many people. Migraine can also be triggered by dehydration. Drinking more clean water can help relieve the headache and prevent migraine. The best practice is to ensure you always have clean drinking water at your home to prevent your body from being dehydrated.

How often do you drink clean water in your home?

The quantity of water you will take in a day will depend on various factors within you or your environment. Such include age, activity, gender among others. It is recommended that females consume up to 2.21 liters of clean water per day while males should consume up to 3 liters of clean water per day.

To help you discover the amount of clean water you consume in a day, “Berkey” enables you to take an easy count of the amount of water you consume. Drink clean water, stay hydrated for a healthy living as clean water is life.

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